Basic Information about Athlete’s Foot in Seattle

athlete's foot seattleConcerned that you may have athlete’s foot in Seattle? There are many possible causes for foot pain and discomfort, but this condition is a relatively common culprit. While learning about athlete’s foot is advisable, self-diagnosis is not. Always consult with a trained foot and ankle doctor before administering any sort of treatment. 

Basic Overview

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that’s most common among individuals whose feet are confined in sweaty, tight-fitting shoes. Similar to ringworm and jock itch, the condition is contagious and can be passed from one person to another.


The most common cause of athlete’s foot is wearing damp socks and shoes. The fungus thrives in humid conditions. It’s also possible to become infected after contact with contaminated surfaces, such as floors and towels.


In most cases, it causes a red, scaly rash to develop on your foot. It generally begins between the toes and then spreads. You’ll notice intense itchiness in the affected area. While less common, you may also develop blisters or ulcers on your feet. It’s important to realize that scratching can lead to the infection spreading to your hands.

Need Athlete’s Foot Treatment in Seattle?

Are you struggling with this condition? The experts at Active Foot and Ankle Clinic regularly treat fungal infections and can help minimize symptoms of the condition right away. Located in Seattle, our clinic is equipped with the personnel and equipment necessary to treat an array of issues, including ankle injuries and genetic foot condition. We also provide custom orthotics and can assist patients with diabetic foot and ankle conditions. Whatever your situation, we look forward to discussing possible treatment options. Contact us today with all your foot and ankle questions.

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