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Keeping you active and on your feet is the top priority of the expert podiatry staff of Active Foot & Ankle Clinic in Edmonds. Dr. Mark Kuzel is passionate about returning your feet and ankles to a pain-free function.  From slight foot discomfort to disabling pain, genetic foot conditions are not something to be ignored. Active Foot & Ankle Clinic can accurately identify the source of your pain and provide effective treatment to give you the best possible outcome.

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We Use the Latest Methods & Technology to Treat Genetic Foot Conditions

With the training and equipment to perform most services on site, the medical staff of Active Foot & Ankle Clinic uses the latest methods and technology to treat genetic foot conditions. Our advanced musculoskeletal imaging methods, including ultra-high resolution ultrasound and standard X-ray, enable us to diagnose and treat the source of your foot and ankle pain – not just the symptoms. While foot surgery is sometimes necessary depending on your condition, we offer non-surgical alternatives whenever possible.  With a wide variety of treatment options available, we also treat foot and ankle injuries, diabetic foot problems and infectious/viral podiatric conditions and we provide custom-fit orthotics.

Arthritis & Poor Circulation in Feet & Ankles

Arthritis, defined as ‘pain in the joint,’ is commonly experienced in the feet and ankles. This condition causes pain, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion and difficulty walking. Add genertically-inherited poor circulation, and the result is often numbing and cramping of the feet accompanied by redness and swelling near the affected area. Dr. Kuzel can formulate a treatment plan to greatly reduce the effects and painfulness of these conditions.

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Bunions & Hammertoes

Bunions are misaligned big toe joints which can become swollen and painful, causing the first joint to slant outward. It’s common for individuals with this genetic foot condition to have big toes that slant towards the other toes. Early-stage bunion treatments are aimed at easing pain, but when the condition progresses, surgery is usually an effective solution.

Hammertoe is a genetic condition in which one or more of the toes are bent into a claw-like position. The second and fifth toes are most frequently impacted, and there are a variety of treatment options available. The staff of Active Foot & Ankle Clinic can recommend and implement the option that best addresses your particular condition.

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