Expert Treatment of Foot Infection and Virus in Edmonds

If you’re struggling with foot infection or virus issues, the first step to healthy feet and improved foot function begins with a visit to an experienced podiatrist.  Dr. Mark Kuzel is highly-trained and experienced, and passionate about helping you return to pain-free life.  Locally-owned and operated Active Foot & Ankle Clinic of Edmonds provides patients with exceptional medical advice and a wide variety of foot infection and virus treatment options.  Contact our specialists for an initial consultation today; we’re passionate about keeping feet and ankles healthy!

Foot Infection and Virus Treatments

The expert team at Active Foot & Ankle Clinic use advanced methods and training to provide expert treatment. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to perform most treatments on site, enabling us to evaluate and accurately diagnose the source of infection or virus quickly and begin treating it immediately.

foot infection and virus treatment in Seattle and Edmonds

hile foot surgery may be necessary in some cases, we thoroughly evaluate each patient’s condition and are often able to offer non-surgical alternatives. Along with a wide variety of foot infection and virus treatment options, we also provide quality care for injury-caused, diabetic and genetic podiatric conditions. You can also count on us for custom orthotics.

Athlete’s Foot, a Common Foot Infection

foot infection and virus experts in Seattle and EdmondsAlso called ‘ringworm of the foot,’ ‘Hong Kong Foot’ and ‘tinea pedis’, Athlete’s Foot is a common fungal infection. It’s characterized by itching and burning on the bottom of the foot, and can cause peeling, cracking, and even bleeding. The good news is it can be easily cured.

Expert Care for Nail Fungus & Plantar Warts

A fungal nail infection usually begins as a yellow spot under the tip of the toenail, spread deeper into the nail over time. This type of foot infection causes more advanced discoloration and odor over time, and the nail can also begin to thicken or start to crumble.

Plantar warts are a contagious foot condition caused by a virus that can multiply and spread to adjacent areas of skin. Occurring anywhere on the bottom of the foot, solitary warts then spread over a larger area.  Our team provides prompt, compassionate care for these and every other foot condition.

Foot Infection and Virus Treatment in  Edmonds

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