What You Should Know about Hammertoe Diagnosis and Treatment in Kenmore

hammertoe diagnosis and treatment kenmoreWith timely hammertoe diagnosis and treatment in Kenmore, you can better manage the associated symptoms. Hammertoe is a deformity that often results from imbalanced muscles, tendons or ligaments in your foot. The condition often causes foot pain and discomfort, especially when wearing certain types of shoes. 


The most common symptom associated with a hammertoe diagnosis is an abnormal bend in one or more toe joints. If you struggle to move one of your toes or it hurts to do so, it’s important to speak with a professional as soon as possible.


There are a few things that can cause hammertoe, but the primary culprit is high-heeled shoes or other footwear that’s too tight. Stubbing, jamming or breaking your toe can also increase the likelihood of the condition developing over time.


In general, a hammertoe diagnosis can only be provided after a thorough examination. Some cases may require X-rays to make bone and joint evaluation easier, but this isn’t always necessary.


The severity of the condition will often dictate your next steps. Some situations may only call for changing your footwear or adding shoe inserts to relieve pressure and pain. Certain exercises may also help. If less invasive tactics prove insufficient, however, your foot pain specialist may recommend surgery.

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