Understanding and Treating Heel Spurs Near Mukilteo

heel spurs mukilteoHow much do you know about the treatment and diagnosis of heel spurs? Never let foot pain and discomfort go unattended. While you’ll need to receive an official diagnosis from a qualified foot and ankle doctor, gaining a basic understanding of this condition is crucial. Consider the following information as you wait for your appointment.

Heel Spur Basics

Heel spurs are deposits of calcium that cause bony protrusions on the undersides of heel bones. They usually don’t extend out more than half an inch. A specialist will often use X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Without X-ray evidence, however, the condition is usually called “heel spur syndrome.”


In most cases, heel spurs will develop over a span of many months. They’re frequently related to strains on the foot muscles or ligament, tearing of the heel bone membrane and plantar fascia stretching. Athletes who run and jump on hard surfaces are at particular risk.


Many heel spurs are painless and may go undetected. Some of the most common signs, however, include intermittent or chronic pain when walking, jogging or running. Inflammation is also possible at the site of the spur formation. 

Tired of Dealing with Heel Spurs in Mukilteo?

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Treating Heel Spurs Near Mukilteo

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