Differences Between Corns and Calluses in Shoreline

corns and calluses ShorelineDo you know how to tell the difference between corns and calluses in Shoreline? Since these two conditions are somewhat similar and share several symptoms, it’s easy to confuse them. While it’s important to have a qualified doctor provide an official diagnosis, the following information can help you distinguish between the two.

Shared Symptoms

Corns and calluses both appear on feet and are similar in a variety of ways. They are similar in the following ways: Both are injuries brought about by friction or pressure. Both are hard, dead skin cells that have accumulated. Ill-fitting shoes are the main culprit of developing either.  Lastly, they are not that dangerous, but they can cause irritation. And that’s more than enough reason to want to say goodbye to them.


Calluses tend to develop on the soles of feet, but are also common on palms and knees. They vary in size and shape, covering an area of skin that is often exposed to rougher conditions. They are very rarely painful.


Corns and calluses often differ in size, with corns being smaller. They also have a hard center surrounded by skin that is inflamed. Corns can develop anywhere on the foot, but are often seen in areas that don’t bear weight, such as on the tops and sides of toes, as well in between toes. Corns are very painful when pressed.

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Treatment for Corns and Calluses in Shoreline

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