Tips to Help Ankle Injury Recovery in Lynnwood

ankle injuryHave you recently experienced an ankle injury in Lynnwood, Washington? If you’re suffering from ankle or foot pain, it’s important to speak with a foot and ankle doctor as soon as possible. Even a minor injury can cause major problems down the road if left unaddressed for too long. Don’t try to push through the pain; get the help you need now. Keeping the following tips in mind can help ensure recovery over time.

Avoid Painful Activities

After an ankle injury, it’s important to avoid activities that result in pain, swelling and/or discomfort. This may cause frustration, but it will prevent you from causing additional damage to the affected area(s).

Seek a Diagnosis

Never try to self-diagnose an ankle injury. You should make an appointment with a foot pain specialist as soon as you’re able. If the pain is excruciating, a trip to the ER might be necessary. Afterward, you’ll still need to speak with a doctor who specializes in foot and ankle injuries.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Depending on the type of ankle injury, you will receive specific care instructions. Pay close attention to these and follow them. Failing to do as your doctor recommends can extend the recovery time and may cause additional injury.

Need to Speak with an Ankle Injury Specialist in Lynnwood?

Do you need to speak with a specialist about a recent ankle injury in Lynnwood, Washington? Now that you know how to promote a fast recovery, it’s important to seek an official diagnosis. Contact Active Foot and Ankle Clinic with questions or to schedule an appointment today! Our highly-trained specialists have years of experience and have served the Lynnwood community well. We also have the knowledge, skills and experience to address diabetic foot and ankle conditions, infections and genetic conditions. Additionally, you can count on our clinic for custom orthotics.

Ankle Injury Specialist in Lynnwood

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