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I love this place! Dr. Kuzel and his awesome staff did more for me in one exam than any of the other foot doctors I've seen combined. What I appreciate the most is how they listen to me and are incredibly knowledgeable. Being on my feet all day cutting hair requires healthy feet. Lucky for me, my feet are healing nicely, just as planned. Thank God I found these wonderful people! It is a blessing to be in their care.


Though I've always been active, I have also had a number of accidents affecting my feet. Large objects have fallen on my leg, and I have taken many a tumble down a set of stairs. My friends hardly recognize me when I don't have a pair of crutches with me! Given my propensity to hurt myself, I am fortunate that I have such an incredible place to count on. Dr Kuzel and his staff are both skilled and caring, mending both my physical needs, as well as my damaged ego. They really do care about their patients. This is the reason I keep coming back (I've been a client for over a decade now).


I first saw Dr. Kuzel about ten years ago for plantar fasciitis caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy and birth of my eldest daughter. Even though he had a full patient load, when my infant daughter cried to be fed, he waited without making me feel as though I or my child were a nuisance.

Over the years, my foot problems became more complex, and even though an easy diagnosis never seemed within grasp, Dr. Kuzel always worked patiently, tirelessly, and cheerfully to see that I was made comfortable and my endless questions were answered to my satisfaction. After several years, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare blood clotting disorder. When I came back to Dr. Kuzel with this news, he very diligently went over every one of my previous appointments, and it was only then, with this missing and elusive piece to the puzzle that my long standing foot problems finally made sense. During all of that time, Dr. Kuzel never once made me feel like I was imagining or exaggerating my troubles, being very respectful and empathetic.

I recommend him very highly to anyone who needs foot and ankle care that ranges from the mundane, which is how I started my patient relationship with him, to the more complex, which is how I continue it today. The entire staff are caring and competent professionals whom I trust with everything from my surgical needs to putting a smile on my children's faces during my frequent visits. Being able to keep up with my three very active children is no small task and I rely heavily on Dr. Kuzel and everyone at Edmonds Foot and Ankle Clinic.


I can't say enough about this doctor! I first saw Dr Kuzel many years ago when I developed a bad sore on my toe. At that time, I did not know I was diabetic, and thankfully Dr Kuzel discovered this. Unfortunately for me, this meant many more office visits because of my condition. Fortunately, I'd found a caring, knowledgeable doctor who takes time with his patients. I was about to see just how amazing Dr Kuzel really was.

Later that night after my first appointment, I was floored when I received a call from Dr Kuzel himself. He just wanted to call and check up on me. I'd never experienced a doctor who'd call a patient just to check on them. I knew I'd found a one-of-a-kind doctor that night.

A few years later, I came back to Dr Kuzel when an ulcer on my foot wouldn't heal. Sure enough, Dr Kuzel debrided it, and got it to heal. His personal touch is great. He's both a listener, and a healer.

Over the years, I recall times when he's came out to my house in the evening because I couldn't make it into the office. He always explains things in simple, non-medical terms so that I can understand him. I've learned more from him about diabetes and other medical issues than from other specialists I've seen in those areas. I wish he could treat more than just my feet!

Dr. Kuzel and his staff are absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend them. I trust him explicitly.

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At Active Foot & Ankle Center, we are committed to providing you the highest quality foot & ankle care. Our board certified doctors have over 15+ years of experience in Seattle, Edmonds, and throughout Western Washington. We are ready to serve all of your foot and ankle needs. Find out more by browsing our website, then contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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Mark Kuzel

Mark Kuzel


Dr. Kuzel has been in practice since 1992 and has been board certified since 1998.

Questions? Call us at 206-528-0100 at our Seattle office or 425-775-1505 in Edmonds.

Seattle / Edmonds Foot Doctor, Podiatrist, Prescription Orthotics
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